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Varadaborneotour.com is under flag of licensed Tours and Travel, PT. Varada Borneo Tour and Travel. We operated our all tour programs from our home based office in Pangkalan Bun of Central Kalimantan – Indonesia. Pangkalan Bun is the gate to see Orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park that located in central west of Borneo Island.

Terms & Conditions

Police & National Park Permit:

At least prior to arrival, We require your copy of Passport and Visa or Kitas to obtain the police and the park permit.


All participants on Varada Borneo Trip trip most stay in small hotels, guesthouses, lodge, local house and on boat for Orangutan tour. In some cases you have an options to stay variety of finest hotel. These will vary from place to palce but in all cases the accommodation will usually be owned and operated by local people. This way, your money will be directly reach the local people of the place you are visiting and not large corporations. Your money will also suport us to gain alternative income for the local people and help to protect their tradition.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

On Varada Borneo Tour trips, you will receive daily breakfast and refreshments en route. For lunches and dinners, you will be advised by our tour guides of recommended restaurants owned and operated by locals. In many cases, water will be provided for free, however, in some areas drinking normal water would be a good idea. We highly recommend bringing a water bottle with an in-line filter system. In Tanjung Puting National Park for orangutan tour you will accompanyed by a cook who will serve fresh food for you. Although you will have the opportunity to order food which is like that you normally eat at home, we recommend trying all the local specialties. After all, food is a major part of any vacation or trip, as well as a major part of any country is culture and you just may discover a few new favorites.

Tour Guides

Our guides knowledge about spots is profound and experienced. Our guide team are a local people as our main goals to helping in contribution of their income.


We have included private transportation. The size of transportation will depend on the number of participants in a trip. We have two kinds of boat. Big and Standart Boat. They have clean water. Big boat has Hot and cold water for shower.


  1. Payments are made in the amount and currency as stated not including bank fees or any other charges by Varada Borneo.
  2. Varada Borneo does not collect taxes or levies. If a hotel or city destination charges taxes, those taxes are the responsibility of the user.
  3. For all forms of reservations, you must make payment within the specified time limit ( 07 days after received invoice). If the payment is not made, then Varada Borneo reserves the right to cancel all reservations.
  4. Payment methods include but are not limited to bank transfer and credit card. For payment by bank transfer, you must provide the bank transfer receipt as proof of payment of reservations listed in the Varada Borneo confirmation email. You must follow the procedures contained in the confirmation email.
  5. For other payment methods such as credit card, you must follow the procedures stated by Varada Borneo and/or the relevant payment service provider.
  6. After you make full payment, Varada Borneo will place the order and confirmed to your email

To avoid hassle prior to departure from your country, initial deposit 50% or full payment transfer is required as soon as your booking is confirmed direct to our bank account or Paypal as bellow:

Account Name :
Account :
Swift Code : BMRIIDJA

Address :

Paypal :



Notes: Transfer fee between your bank to our bank is not include from the above amount. Please send us the transfer receipt as soon as you done the transfer.


  1. For payment of bookings placed through this Site, your credit card will be billed by Varada Borneo for the full price at the time of booking and confirmation of the booking (any refund that may be given will depend on the conditions of the existing reservations). You must check the booking details thoroughly each time before you make a reservation. Varada Borneo will process any refund, as applicable, within a reasonable period. For certain reservations, you may have to pay the Vendor deirectly. In order to safeguard and encrypt Your credit card information when in transit to us, we use encryption technology such as Transport Layer Security (“TLS”) or Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) to ensure the integrity of your information.
  2. In the case of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by a third party, you must contact your bank or card issuer immediately after realizing such unauthorized use. In such a case, Varada Borneo takes no responsibility over any case of credit card fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card by a third party, regardless of whether such fraud or unauthorized use was carried out through Varada Borneo services (including, but not limited to). Varada Borneo is not obliged to make refunds or repayments to you as a result of such fraud. As part of our goodwill, we may provide a form of compensation to you subject to review and approval by us. You shall only be eligible to request compensation only if such reservations have been made through our secure servers and the fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card is a result of our default or negligence and through no fault of your own while using the secure server. We accept no liability of the fraud or unauthorized use of your credit card if it was done through applications or servers other than our own or if it is as a result of a fault or negligence of your own. If you suspect any unauthorized reservations or fraud committed on Varada Borneo, you must contact our Customer Service team immediately.
  3. To make a reservation you must be aged over eighteen (18) years old and have full legal capacity to make the transaction (or have authorization from your legal guardian). You must use a credit or debit card that you own, issued in your name, and make sure that there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction costs. Any fees incurred by you for authorizing a transaction that results in an over-drawing of your account are not the responsibility of Varada Borneo.
  4. You shall ensure that the details you provide to us are completely accurate. Varada Borneo reserves the right to not accept certain credit cards. Varada Borneo can add or remove other payment methods at our sole discretion.
  5. In certain cases, we may require additional information or verification to validate and confirm the booking, as described in more detail on the Site. Reservations are not confirmed until you have received a confirmation email with an e-ticket or voucher and there is the possibility that the Vendor can implement fraud examination mechanisms during the booking process. If fraud occurs or is determined to occur, then the booking will be void. Varada Borneo shall not bear any responsibility for such cancellations by the Vendor. If you choose not to submit additional information, reservations will not be completed and will be voided.

Cancellation and Refund:

Refund is an amount of money you will receive after cancelling any refundable tour bookings you have made using Varada Borneo Tour. Once a refund request has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled.

Reservation with Full PAYMENT or DEPOSIT 50%: Please let us know at least 14 days before arrival date if you want to cancel your reservation. But 25% cancellation fee from total invoice will be applied or in case of no show. Cancel in 13 days until on tour day NO REFUND

Reservation with DEPOSIT/ DOWN PAYMENT 25%: Non-Refundable

Health & Insurance:

No specification skill needed to join our trip, all you need is just spirit of adventure and good healthy. It is essential that persons with any medical problems or dietary restrictions make them known to us well before departure. We can consul you on whether the adventure trip you have selected is right for you. Our tour escort has the right to disqualify any time for the participant that he or she feels physically incapable or they will jeopardize either the individual involved or the group. There will be no refund give under these circumstances. Hospital facilities for serious medical problems in Tanjung Puting National Park, Papua or other remote areas are unavailable.

Varada Borneo Tour assumes no liability regarding the provision of medical care. Make sure you have good insurance that covering medical evacuation, as health care of an International standard in Pangkalan Bun or other remote area is not available. Make Sure your travel insurance covers airline Cancellations, as if your fight is cancelled and you miss your tour, you would not receive a refund of your tour payment. Due to our packages are not covered to your insurance. Varada Borneo Tour not responsible for travelers who do not carry travels insurance.

Varada Borneo Tour will not be liable for:
Expenses such as additional hotel nights and meals not stated in the itineraries caused by airline scheduling changes, canceled flights, miss flight connections or by other factors under our control.
Expenses in recovering luggage lost by airlines, belongings left behind on the trip, or shipping it home from abroad.
Expenses for your over luggage, Injury or property damage for any reason,

Lightweight Equipment:

For Varada Borneo Tour clients who attend the trip, We suggest to bring suntan lotion, hat, rucksack, rain jacket or small umbrella, compass, watch, pocket knife, sun-glasses, light clothes such as trousers and long shirt for trekking, trekking shoes, underwear, long socks plus extra, sandals, flash light (torch), mosquito repellent, emergency rations,binocular, camera plus extra film and battery, medicine or other personal things. For souvenier and other personal expenses, please bring Rupiah with you.