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Share trip orangutan klotok tour suitable for budget travellers, either single or couple, who don’t mind to share costs of visiting the homeland of orangutans.

This trip will take you to three camps in Tanjung Puting National Park. Sharing a houseboat (klotok) will make your trip more memorable, get new travelling friends, save budget, taste the best of Indonesian food and a thousand of pictures of orangutans in the wild (well, it depends on your memory size).

BOOK NOW and JOIN US. Feel your soul get refreshed by the sound of nature.

Share Trip orangutan tour liveaborad (house boat) 2024

Solo traveler special offer orangutan tour

Couple traveler special offer orangutan tour

Group traveler special offer orangutan tour

Orangutan tour by Varada Borneo you will get once in a lifetime adventure to Indonesian Borneo Wildlife.

Varada Borneo Tour will give you an opportunity to see orangutans in their natural environment.

The orangutans are sure to touch your heart, making this an experience you will never forget. list of schedule share trip 2024: contact us via email or whatsapp



( If you trip min 2-4 person you can make your own date, please contact us to open share trip as your request date)


you can book minimum 2 person

(Our Share trip like Semi private, mostly only 2-4 Person Go)


On Day 01 is good to have arrival in Pangkalan Bun before at 12:00

Or….Better you stay at the hotel one day before your tour start.

On Day 03, take flight after 09:00 or you take afternoon flight is recommended.