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Orangutan Tour in Tanjung Puting National Park

Orangutan tour is the best tour activity for Orangutan Kalimantan in Indonesia. the most wild orangutans live in their natural habitat live in Tanjung Puting national park. Borneo Orangutan tour is located in Kumai – Pangkalanbun. kalimantan orangutan tour running everyday, our service is houseboat eco tour liveaboard.

you will see Orangutan natural habitat from close, trekking in the rainforest and enjoy adventure go by house boat, we called klotok. orangutans daily life which is 97% DNA similar such as human.  you will get activity to visit camp leakey,  tanjung harapan camp, pondok tanggui camp, night trekking and  trekking in pondok ambung, you can also dinner with fireflies, jungle trekking in Pesalat, spotting wildlife in sekonyer river on klotok boat and visit sekonyer village.

Tanjung puting tour is the highlight of most tourist trip to Kalimantan. You also can will see 9 species of primates, 3 species of primates endemic to Borneo, proboscis, red leaf-eating monkeys, 230 species of birds,Two species of crocodiles,Dozens of species of snakes and frogs and dragon fish know as arwarna.

Varada Borneo tanjung puting tour will give you an opportunity to see orangutans in their natural environment. The borneo orangutans are sure to touch your heart, making this an experience you will never forget. Tanjung Puting Tour by Varada Borneo will get you once in a lifetime adventure to Indonesia.

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